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Swilliam Tell provides you with extremely cheap rates.

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We also offer calling-card service through Skype! Use the contact form to order a calling card and call skype user “swilliamtell.ch”

Telecommunications Provider

Swilliam Tell is a telecommunications solutions provider specialized in VoIP solutions. Some of the features are:

  • Very cheap calling rates
  • In-house or hosted PBX
  • Full Skype integration
  • Fixed – Mobile convergence – use your mobile phone just like you use the business phone

If you are a customer you can top-up your account here. Your credit will be on your account INSTANTLY! The amount includes a transaction fee. We charge in EUR since our international business uses EUR as currency and we don’t want to charge you for a currency conversion. Payments in bitcoin are transaction-fee free.

SIM Adapter

Swilliam Tell also provides fixed-mobile convergence with the help of a chip that goes between your phone and the SIM card.

This chip will automatically dial your local access number and place calls the way you’re used to placing calls from the mobile phone. This is a great way to use Swilliam Tell as VoIP provider from your mobile phone.

You can buy this adapter pre-programmed for only CHF 30.00 inclusive of shipping within Switzerland and Europe.

Encrypted telephony

Contact us if you are interested in encrypted telephony. We can ensure your communication is 100% secured and protected against eavesdropping by private sector as well as governments. This offering is geared towards small businesses. We will install a cloud based or on-premise PBX solution.

example rates per minute

Destination Rate
Switzerland mobile €0.40
Switzerland fix €0.02
Brazil mobile €0.03
Brazil fix €0.02
Thailand mobile €0.02
Thailand fix €0.02
These are just samples. Download the full rate list

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