Bitcoin payment amount

Due to feedback on we have decided to lower the bitcoin payments to €10.

PayPal scammers

Recently was targeted by criminals using PayPal accounts and stolen credit-cards to place calls to Ethopia and Sudan. A little bit of damage was done that will have to carry. We had to implement additionial security measures though. So with immediate effect only verified PayPal customer transactions will be accepted. If a new customer makes an unreasonable amount of calls the account will be blocked immediately pending further validation. is a low budget VoIP operation that hardly has any margin. Hence there’s little room for a fraud fund. We hope you understand those measures.

Payments in bitcoin are the payments most appreciated. Those payments are anonymous. You will only need an e-mail address to verify your account. That’s it.

Petition against expensive roaming charges

Switzerland is still affected by extremely high roaming charges. KTIPP (a Swiss consumer magazine) has launched a petition against that. We support that. You can sign here:

Cheap mobile phone calls within Switzerland

Using a pre-pay cellphone to make calls for just CHF 0.07 to swiss landlines or CHF 0.19 to swiss mobile phones!! Impossible?? NO!

For example like this:

  • Buy prepay Lycamobile at any Swiss post office.
  • Buy SIM dialer from Swilliam Tell.
  • Create prepay account with Swilliam Tell!

That’s it! Lycamobile charges for phone calls to the polish fixnet only CHF 0.04 per minute. With Swilliam Tell and its SIM dialer you can route all your mobile phone calls through Poland. Your call to a Swiss landline will cost you CHF 0.04 for Lycamobile and then the super cheap rates you get from Swilliam Tell!

* There is a setup charge of CHF 0.19 per call that Lycamobile will charge you

New prices Swiss Mobile Phones

As previously announced can pass on the new pricing of swiss mobile phones to its customers. The new per minute charge has now dropped to €0.11 bringing Swiss Mobile Phones to a similar price as other EU countries.

Swiss mobile termination

On September 9, 2010 Swisscom announced that starting October 1st termination to their mobile phones will decrease from CHF 0.14 to CHF 0.08 per minute. From the beginning of 2011 they will further decline to CHF 0.07 per minute. Sunrise and Orange are also reducing their charges from CHF 0.17 to CHF 0.10 per minute on October 1st and to CHF 0.0875 per minute per January 1, 2011.

We expect that Swilliam Tell can offer these cheaper rates to our customers per October 1 but at this point cannot announce the final rate yet.